Conveyor belts for conveyors

We are manufacturer and international supplier of conveyor belts for conveyor belt systems for the following application areas, which ar just a few examples:
  1. Mining, iron and steel, power plants, construction of tunnels and port installations, sand and gravel pits, concrete and cement plants, power stations, silos and foundries.

  2. Width of up to 3,000 mm

  3. Strength of up to 3.150 N/mm

  4. Flat versions for inclines of up to 18 degree

  1. Synthetic fabrics made of EP and PP in low-stretch constructions

  2. Strong breaker systems (from Textile or steel)

  3. Cross-rigid fabrics

  4. Large selection of rubber qualities

  5. Highly abrasive< 45 mm³

  1. Oil- and grease resistant

  2. Heat- and cold resistant

  3. Dirt repellent

  4. Flame retardant, self-extinguishing